The Peregrine Migration

Year: 2008

Dimensions: 10"W x 3.25"D x 12.75"T

Materials: Bigleaf maple, Brazilian rosewood, and African ebony with inlaid mineral crystals, metal-acid dyes, and a musical instrument lacquer finish.

Comment: The inspiration for this piece comes from canoeing the Noatak River from the Gates of the Arctic National Park nearly to the Bering Sea.  Caribou were migrating through the valley by the hundreds every day across tundra dotted with the occasional stunted evergreen tree.  Peregrine falcons were also at the northern limit of their migration. In this artwork the grain (figure) of the wood reminded me of the northern lights.  The tree represents strength in the presence of severe adversity, and the falcon the magnificent migrating fauna of the tundra.  The finial is a stylized caribou rack akin to wakidate (the horn-like ornament on the samurai helmet).  The feet are stylized talons. In the Bernstein Collection.