Seasons of Our Lives

Year: 2008

Dimensions: 11" x 8.25" x 8.25"

Materials: Curly-figured bigleaf maple with inlaid minerals. Finished with metal-acid dyes and musical-instrument lacquer.

Comment: The design on the piece "Seasons of Our Lives" reflects our ages within the four seasons.  The mineral inlay depicts a sequence of cherry trees growing first from saplings on a nurse-log onto midsize, mature, and finally an old tree. The four seasons also sequence through these tree ages starting with saplings in spring bloom, the midsize tree in late spring to early summer, the mature tree in summer through autumn, and the old tree in late autumn to early winter.  The death of part of the old tree provides the nurse-log for the saplings.  The cycle of life, like the seasons, continues. The torii finial is inspired by the Shinto philosophy of Japan and represents living a life in harmony with nature.

Shown at "Restful Places" Exhibit, American Association of Woodturners.