The Epiphany

Year: 2008

Dimensions: 18"D x 2"T

Materials: Beech wood with inlaid minerals. Rim is translucent calcite. Finished with metal-acid dyes and musical-instrument lacquer.

Comment: My youngest son contracted a debilitating illness in his teens that required he leave high school and undergo several years of treatment. The treatment was itself debilitating, causing chronic fatigue and an inability to concentrate. This year we changed physicians and the new doctor immediately understood that the treatment to date was erroneous and a new approach was necessary. The result was striking as my son emerged from a multi-year "fog" and has been able to resume a normal life. My son described this doctor’s insight as an "epiphany".

For several years I have had a series of drawings and wood art in work inspired by the search to understand my son’s illness and the search for treatment. I have made several pieces called "The Search for Enlightenment". This piece depicts a Chinese scholar gaining sudden insight as the doctor did with my son. And like my son, the scholar has lifted his eyes to the beauty of the world around him.